See http://balance.wiw.org/~jkominek/lojban/9512/msg00059.html

Ho, I forgot about this one. ju'e is part of the language, not experimental;
if it is not in the cmavo list, that is an error in the cmavo list. Bob LeChevalier
speaks of ju'e
as "adopted", and says that this includes adding a line to the cmavo list.
Since there is no such line, I suppose the currently posted cmavo list
is out of date here.

I am adding this to cmavo list errata. --John Cowan

It appears that it is mentioned in the cmavo list after all, but nowhere in The Book.

Which cmavo list? Not the 06/13/94 version available at
http://www.lojban.org/files/wordlists/cmavo. If anyone has a later version,
let me know at mailto:cowan@ccil.org.

ki'ai norjb.!

There's a file called "cmavo" and one called "CMAVO". The latter is the new list and contains ju'e.

ki'ainai norjb.!

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