place structure

The semantics of arguments. "The place structure" of a given brivla is a statement of the order and meaning of the arguments used with it, conventionally labeled x1, x2, x3, ...

Example: the place structure of klama is: "x1 comes/goes to x2 from x3 via x4 using means x5".

>How do you say "places" or "place structure"? ve gismu??

gismu daski pe'a

stidi lu gismu pevdaski morna li'u .a lu gimpevdaskymo'a li'u .a lu sumti te setca li'u .a lu sumterse'a li'u .a lu leza'i gismu fice'u li'u

  • te gismu would be the places of a gismu
  • te bridi would be the places of a bridi
  • There would be a corresponding place in brivla, but I don't have the lujvo list handy at the moment, so I can't say which one.


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