tavla fi zoi gy frontpage gy

Can we shift the subheadings down to unlocked editable pages? I appreciate why you would want the front page to be uneditable, but we may want to add further subheadings, to improve navigability from the front page.

.i ru'a da ze'a djica le za'i jimpe le kulnu valsi is broken in two; le kulnu valsi is in a separate paragraph.

.i 'palci ki'a' .i xu dramau falu

'ko morji le du'u le pu'u zbasu la .uiki. cu marde lei pilno be la lojban. le cabna je balvi rolre'izda'

.u'i marde ki'a .i je'enai

na jimpe le du'u da'u se smuni makau .i ki'uma lo pu'u zbasu la .uiki. cu na'e xamgu to le pilno be la lojban. toi va'i palci

.imu'ibo ru'e le pu'u fanva la alis. pu cu'u palci

(Perhaps move the road map on the front page (which is my fault) to Lojban...) — nitcion. (I like the index up front.)

I want to organize the wiki-specific links so that the most important are listed concisely at the top, and the others are explained at the bottom. Something like this, unless y'all have a better idea:

RecentChanges - MostPopular - DirectoryListing

  • Wiki — me la .uikis.
    • What is a WikiWikiWeb? A description of this application.
    • Learn HowToUseWiki and learn about AddingPages.
    • Be sure to follow the Guidelines for Links.
    • Please familiarize yourself with WikiPolicy.
    • Have any ideas for WikiImprovement? Please share them!
    • Read the ReleaseNotes.

    • Take a look at some RandomPages - changed daily.
    • Please sign your name in RecentVisitors.
    • backups are available for public download.
    • Use the SandBox page to experiment with Wiki pages.

It's shorter, and people won't have to scroll down and peer about for RecentChanges. The first person to expect no objections should go ahead and make this change zo'o. mi'e jezrax

nu tadni la lojban.

Any good reason why this isn't nu cilre la lojban., which fits more with the theme?

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