unassigned cmavo

cmavo which are officially unassigned, excluding experimental cmavo.

bo'X is the only series of a-e-i-o-u left, and zi'X is the only series of i-a-u left, so they shouldn't be touched without very good reason.

  • po'a is included in the 1994 version of cmavo list, but not in the 1998 one. Is it assigned or not? --kir
    • What was it assigned to? And is there any other current cmavo that has po'a's function? (--And)
      • In elder version of the cmavo list, pe'a..po'a was an open/close pair for figurative speech. In newer version, pe'a become UI, and po'a gone. --kir

  • Someane thought ju'e was free, but they were wrong. --rlpowell

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