useless selma'o

More precisely, with this page I intend to focus on useless distinctions between selma'o - whether it's just because there is no distinction, or because it makes perfectly reasonable things ungrammatical.

  • NIhO
    • My main pet peeve. The beginning of a paragraph is the beginning of a sentence, yet you can't put most sentence-beginning clauses there. You can't even put an i after it to buffer it. If you intend to logically connect paragraphs in any way, and want the official parser to accept it, you're screwed. NIhO should be part of I.
  • TAhE or ZAhO
    • There is no distinction between these in the grammar; since selma'o refers to a grammatical class, le'i cmavo be zo ta'e cu du le'i cmavo be zo za'o soi lenei - everything in selma'o TAhE is in selma'o ZAhO and vice versa. Since the difference is semantic and not grammatical, perhaps a more appropriate way to classify these would be to rename TAhE to ZAhO2.


  • UI or CAI
    • They have identical grammar.
  • Y or DAhO or FUhO
    • They have identical grammar. They should be in selma'o UI.
  • NAI
    • It is allowed after some words but not others. It should be in UI.
      • Well now if UI can go anywhere and NAI can't, why do you suggest they belong in the same category?
        • Sounds as though he wants to change the grammar, to me.
          • Makes sense to me - this will have to happen for the grammar to keep up with reality. ka'enai is used more often than the grammatical na'eka'e. --rab.spir
            • I agree that ka'enai should be allowed. But isn't it forbidden because CAhE is weird, and not because NAI is?
              • I havn't looked into CAhE/NAI interactions, but yes, CAhE is quite weird. --jay
              • Actually, it's CAhA. And the deal with CAhA/NAI interactions is that they don't interact. A CAhANAI compound simply doesn't parse. Incidentally, though this problem could be solved by fixing CAhA instead of NAI, there's another reason for putting NAI in UI at ka'enai.
  • JA
    • It should be in JOI.

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