I'm Australian, living and working in the North West of England, a mathematics Ph.D.,
and a unicyclist. I also give (oxymoron alert!) a popular science presentation on the
theory of juggling, and you can see me on television two or three times a year in the
OpenUniversity mathematics foundation course. If you want to see me, or even just
meet me, have a look at

to see if I'm going to be near you.
Let me know - I'd love to meet other people interested in lojban.

I also sail dinghies and ballroom dance, although not (so far!) at the same time.

I'd be interested in comments and suggestions for this page:

I occasionally use lojban as the basis of a mathematics masterclass, and
that page is part of the initial introduction.

Mills Mess
Mills Mess
Mills Mess
Mills Mess

And yes, I can juggle this pattern. Out of interest, which animation do you prefer?

I'm working on a beginners vocabulary list - see that page for more details.

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