Here is some info that we hope will be useful to BPFK commissioners, and other people doing research on the Lojban language.

There is now a master Corpus Application!

Use it, and if it's missing something, please add it.

  • All the text on can be searched from
  • It can also be search by doing a Google search with "" Try, for instance

The two alternatives above will often give so many false positives in English so as to be useless. The main source we have for Lojban usage is the IRC logs:

These are filtered line-by-line to exclude lines that have too many words that are not possible Lojban word-forms, so it is a very high-quality corpus, and consists of more than 360,000 words (as of February 12th, 2006).

Lojbab's old archives are at

We also have some contributed texts that were uploaded to the old Twiki, and (to my knowledge) not available elsewhere:

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