Guidelines for Links

  1. For links within the wiki, [foo] works just fine. You just need to type the page name, you don't need the full URL. [foo] is prefered over [foo|!]
  2. If you must break the above rule (which is never the case...), include the ?foo after index.php as the front page does not have all the answers, nor should it.
  3. Do not create pages which you don't intend to ever have content - such as --And, which only contains a link to And.
  4. [Use square brackets.] !DoNotUseBumpyCase as it looks ugly. You are told to do this on the edit text page, but apparently that is not good enough for some people. It seems to be a recommendation, not a hard-and-fast rule.
    • Avoiding bumpy case is strongly recommended. It makes the WikiMaster happy. However, if the only difference between two words in a title are spaces, as in "FooBarPage" versuses "Foo Bar Page", cut out the spaces.
      • Unless, of course, the title is in lojban - come on, Jay, I thought you were one of the first to announce that capitalizing lojban looks silly! - kreig.daniyl.
        • Ah, yes, an exception to the exception. I can't think of them all! Thats why its a guideline, and not a rule. :-) --jay

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