e.g. 42

Spell them out like "forty-two".

[the number 42] also works.

Syntax like [42] is the old way to link to a remote Wiki, before
the style [URL] was supported, according to TextFormattingRules.

Writing this page as [Why Does Not Wiki Do Numbers] would have been prefered to the !BumpyCase method, and it could then become [Why Doesn't Wiki Do Numbers], which sounds less silly. On the editing page, btw, there is a little note that tells us: "!BiCapitalization looks silly, use brackets for links." See Guidelines for Links.

  • i know. i meant for it to look silly ;-)
    • ThereIsNoReasonToUseBiCapitalizationToMakeThingsLookSillyWhenYouCouldJustAwkwardWordingUseIfYouActuallyHadAnyRealReasonToWantThingsToLookSillyWhichOfCourseNoBodyEverWouldSoDoNotUseBiCapitalizationUseBracketsForLinks.

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