What is the LRWTF?

The LRWTF (Lojbanistani Restructuration of Website Task Force) is in place to make the lojban website more friendly to first-time visitors, as it currently looks quite a bit deserted and it's not really easy to find an access to the community without knowing what to look out for.

See also my post on the mailing list about what the LRWTF has to do (it has a badly worded subject, though.)

Please don't hesitate to add your stuff to this page!


What to do with the website?

There have been lots of different suggestions for what to do with the site if we want to restructure it.

  1. Clean up: Link to everything from a new temporary "home page" on the wiki and later make it the "default home page" for the wiki.
  2. Start over: Make a new tikiwiki and start from scratch, cherrypicking the good bits and fixing things in the process
  3. New site: Make a seperate website for community stuff and make all about the grammar and scientific stuff
  4. Comprehensive plan: New website and upgraded wiki
  5. (add your suggestions here)

Comprehensive plan

I wrote about some of the issues with the current lojban setup and how we can start to fix it at

The seperate-website approach

Jim Dabell has done some great work on a pretty good-looking design mock-up for a new newcomer- and community-centered lojban website.

I've put the design up here:

I've also set up a temporary mailing list to discuss just the website 
redesign.  Instructions on signing up for it are here:

Please, by all means put this on the wiki, the main Lojban mailing list and 
wherever else you think it should go.  The only thing I ask is that you 
mention that it's only a preliminary design and may not work in people's 
browsers as I haven't bothered doing any compatibility work on it yet.  It 
would give a bad first impression if people clicked through and were faced 
with a disaster without adequate warning  :) .

The clean-up approach

A new front-page

The new front-page should have stuff for newbs easily accessible and links for certu jbopre below them so no group is disadvantaged.

I (timo) would suggest, that the newbie-part should not be a crammed list of links, but rather a bunch of boxes in a table layout or something, so that there is much space between links.

The front page should have multiple "latest ..." pieces, like what we currently have with the LJ and forum posts, but maybe also integrating jbobac and somehow jboselkei(?). All stuff should have a date on it and things too old should be filtered out, as to not leave an impression of "oldness". It's better to have only three LJ posts than to have three rather new ones and then four from two years ago.

Handling the "old" pages

A (gigantic) wikipage has been set up that contains links to all pages in existance. There should be categories, sorted by priority.

Priority number 1 should currently be "things newbies get to see first", after that comes "how to get in touch with the community" and then some other stuff like "interesting for intermediate lojbanists" and "interesting for certus" and so on...

Work through the complete wiki every n months?

Maybe it would be good if the LRWTF would do a quick check-up on up-to-dateness of some or all of the pages, maybe every 4 months or so?

That way we can make sure to not have absolutely outdated or even wrong/misleading information on the wiki.

Making the CGI:IRC look more beautiful

Someone already agreed to do this; make the CGI:IRC webchat on look more pleasant using the powers of the CSS.

Making the Mailing List usable for people who prefer web-forums

camgusmis has almost completed this step, so there's not much more to do here!

Lojbanist List

There are lots of partially redundant and mostly also outdated and often also incomplete wikipages on the wiki regarding lojbanists. The userlist we are trying to create here should replace all those pages and they should be dropped from the wiki (loss of interesting data should be minimised, though)

namelocationtimezoneamount of skill
Timo 'timonator'/'la timos' PaulssenIRC, beginners-list, lojban-list, VoIPGermany, GMT+1not bad
florolfIRC, beginners-list (sometimes)Germany, CE(S)Tyou'd run away crying if you ever heard me (bad)
la cizraIRC, lists, VoIPGMT+2Enough to make ears bleed
la mungodjelis. no'u la bret.IRC, lists, LJGMT-4milxe je zenba certu-- I know some & I've been studying :-)
qantouriscIRC, beginners-list, lojban-list, VoIPBelgium GMT+1Beginner
la skaryzgikbeginners-list, lojban-list, sometimes IRCGMT-6hopefully half-decent with wordlist and reference grammar handy, and with time to compose

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