Quoting Vowels

[20:39] <tcatipax> ".i do ka'e jmina fi .ubu" = you have innate ability to add something to/with u? What am I getting wrong?
[20:41] <selpa`i> Is it wrong?
[20:41] <vensa> tcati: who said anything is wrong?
[20:41] <selpa`i> It parses
[20:41] <tcatipax> So, my interpretation is correct?
[20:43] <tcatipax> I don't know how that makes sense. It's on the front page of wikipedia.
[20:44] <tcatipax> The lojban version.
[20:44] <selpa`i> Could ubu be an abbreviation`?
[20:45] <Twey> Yes
[20:45] <Twey> It has to be
[20:45] <Twey> Otherwise it would be ‘me'o .ubu’, or something.
[20:45] <selpa`i> So maybe the section's name starts with u
[20:45] <vensa> its short for .uikipedias
[20:45] <selpa`i> There you go.
[20:45] <vensa> the sentence before says .uikipedias
[20:46] <selpa`i> Context.
[20:46] <vensa> hehe
[20:46] <tcatipax> Ah.
[20:46] <tcatipax> Thanks!
[20:46] <vensa> je'e
[20:47] <tcatipax> I mean, ki'e .ui
[20:47] <vensa> Twey: wouldn {lu ubu li'u} *cut* it too?


[20:48] <Twey> vensa: Not quite the same
[20:48] <vensa> {li ubu} seems to cut it
[20:48] <vensa> Twey: whats the diff?
[20:48] <Twey> li .ubu is, I think, interpreting it as a mathematical variable with a number value
[20:48] <vensa> I read {me'o} is the wuote-equivalent for lerfu strings
[20:49] <vensa> ok. but y not {lu ubu li'u}?
[20:49] <Twey> ‘lu ubu li'u’ would be quoting it as a whole utterance
[20:49] <vensa> what does it mean "as a whole utterance"?
[20:49] <vensa> if it were {by} instead and I used {zo by}?
[20:50] <Twey> No, not ‘lu ubu li'u’, indeed
[20:51] <vensa> If the whole contents of your quote ends up to be one letter {ubu), how is that different from {zo}?
[20:51] <Twey> lu/li'u is for grammatical utterances
[20:51] <Twey> Whole grammatical utterances
[20:51] <Twey> So it's taking that as a whole phrase that someone said, or something like that
[20:51] <vensa> so,would {lo'u le'u} be ok with you?
[20:52] <Twey> No, because that doesn't take grammar into account
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[20:52] <vensa> what do u mean?
[20:52] <Twey> So ’ubu’ would be the two words ‘.u’ and ‘bu’
[20:52] <vensa> it wont parse the {bu}?
[20:52] <vensa> so you're saying {zo by} is not equivalent to {lu ubu li'u}? so basically theres no way to quote  a U?
[20:52] <Twey> Not the single character U
[20:52] <Twey> Sure there is — me'o
[20:52] <vensa> (except {me'o})
[20:53] <vensa> but {by} can be quoted in two ways
[20:53] <vensa> that doesnt seem fair 
[20:53] <Twey> You can also quote with lu/li'u, but that means that it's dereferenced too (although possibly in a different context)
[20:53] <vensa> another reason to prefer my term for U: {u'y}
[20:53]  * Twey doesn't see what's wrong with me'o.
[20:54] <vensa> nothings *wrong* with it
[20:54] <vensa> I just dont like the injustice that befalls vowels in lojban
[20:54] <vensa> :)

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