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:-) (contempt) ui

  • Ahem, contempt is ga'i, you meant content, I believe ? mi'e greg.

:-) (amusement) u'i
:-D u'isai
;-) zo'o
:-( uinai
:-o ue
:-O uesai
B-) (voyeurism) a'usairo'o / a'usairo'u
:-* (kiss) iu
:-% (puzzlement) oiro'e
:-/ (embarassment) oiro'a

  • I use this one for disappointment or annoyance. — mi'e bancus.

:'-P (physical fatigue) o'u.a'ero'o
:'-( (sadness) uinai.oiro'i
:'-D (amusement to tears) u'icai
>:-( (disapproval w/ complaint) i'enai.oi
:-| (neutral) ... cu'i
What do you feel? pei
What do you feel about the fact that ... ? pei du'u ...

While many lojban chatters know about smileys and use them instead of the lojban words, it is good practice to write the words instead in e.g. more formal texts.

Is it smileys or smilies? --Skorgu

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