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A long list of names of scientific units is available from the UNIX program units. The data file from units is on the web at: http://www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron/docs/units/units.dat

Units] fu'ivla should be rafsi (stage-3?) fu'ivla, with a rafsi of klani prefixed to them.What's wrong with gradu? The place structure of gradu is all wrong for this. klani has the place structure we want.
fu'ivla have no place structure, and these words are better classified as units than as quantities. However, the place structures do matter in lujvo, so I'll change those from gradu to klani.
But fu'ivla do have place structure, just like any other brivla. There is no official rule that they inherit the very place structure of the prefix gismu, but if there is a choice between one with the structure we want and another with a different place structure... As for the classification, it doesn't matter how one classifies the words themselves. lo mitre is a klani,
not a gradu, and similarly lo klanrniutoni is a klani, not a gradu.
Okay, I meant "inherent place structure". However, I guess I'll concede and make these "klani".

In making this list, I'm basically going by units.dat but skipping really esoteric units or metric multiples of existing units (we have metric rafsi for that). — rab.spir


Primitive Units

  • gram: grake (kilogram: ki'ogra)
  • second: snidu
  • meter: mitre
  • ampere: xampo
  • candela: delno
  • mole: molro
  • kelvin: kelvo
  • radian: radno
  • steradian: stero
  • dollar: rupnu (meryru'u if the Lojbanistan rupnu isn't "standard" enough)
  • bit: jetka'u

Named SI-derived units

  • newton: klanrniut,ni
  • pascal: klanrpaskali
  • joule: klanrdjuli
  • watt: klanrxuati
  • coulomb: dikca fi ...
  • volt: klanrvolta
  • ohm: klanrxomi
  • siemens: klanrzimenzi
  • farad: klanrfaradi
  • henry: klanrxenri
  • tesla: klanrtesla
  • hertz: klanrxertsi


  • minute: mentu
  • hour: cacra
  • day: djedi
  • week: jeftu
  • month: masti
  • year: nanca


  • degree of angular measure: julra'o
  • hours of angular measure: cacryra'o
  • revolution: caryra'o
  • right angle: kuryra'o (I feel better using this now that square meter is cleared up)
    • A square radian is a steradian; that is, the solid angle subtended by an area equal to the square of the radius equals the solid angle subtended by a polygon whose angle excess is one radian. So we don't need kuryra'o for that.

Solid Angle

  • sphere: bolte'o
  • octant: kubyko'a


  • Celsius: jaurkelvo
  • Fahrenheit: kelvrfarenxaito
  • Rankine: kelvnrankino
  • Reaumur: kelvnre,omuro

Units derived from physical constants

  • torr: danrntore or miltremargu
  • acceleration due to gravity: falnilcneborsutra
  • speed of light: gusnilsutra
  • electron charge: ka'urdikca
  • lightyear: gusnilsutna'a (totus: but a light year is a distance, not time; how about gusminli?)
  • astronomical unit: keslai (totus: how about solminli, and tanminli for parsec?)
  • electron-volt: ka'urdicnenborlai
  • (most others would just be lujvo involving these)

CGS units

  • dyne: klanrdine
  • erg: klanrxergi
  • poise: klanrpoize
  • galileo: klanrgalile,o
  • barye: klanrbari
  • kine: klanrkine
  • bole: klanrbole


Btw, my using the final vowel of rafsi classifier as final vowel of fu'ivla does not mean I subscribe to it in general. :-)nitcion

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