Btw, I (Jay) reserve the right to remove requests from WikiImprovement as I complete the requests. This isn't really meant for long duration content.

  • How about a title search box at the top of each page, รก la Everything2? --tsali
    • How about at the bottom of the page, so that one has to move fewer bytes across ones link to get to the interesting part of the web page? --jay
      • Fine with me, but compared to the >1K Lojban Logo image at the top, I find the number of extra bytes to be negligible. And then we have the extra efforth of hitting the End key to scroll down to the bottom... --tsali
        • Have you considered using a web browser which caches images? After all, every page contains the same image... And of course, most web browsers also let you avoid downloading images if you so desire. --jay
  • Any chance of the number of hits following best incoming etc. having some sort of meaningful content ? I created a page which automatically had 11 hitsOn the same page you are likely to have recentchanges(3000) and recentchanges(78) under best incoming and best outgoing
  • HTML Tables would be very nice!
  • Ok, its clear that enough people will use an optional sign-in mechanism that I'll implement it at some point RSN.
  • make the search feature only find pages with a link, not just the title appearing - imagine searching for a page named e and getting a complete list of pages and lines in them that contain the letter in question!
    • If you go to FindPage, you can search titles only. I don't understand what you want besides that.
      • I mean the search it does when you click on a title.
  • RecentChanges appears to consider that two titles which differ only in capitalization refer to different pages, even though the rest of the wiki doesn't.
    • Ah. Hrm. I suspect I know how to fix that, and will get to it someday.
  • Since the wiki can't tell about capitalization, can we make it so that it thinks h and ' are the same (for, as selma'o names seem to indicate, h is a capitalized ')? In other words, make [fu'ivla] and [fuhivla] point to the same thing, so that links created by those who prefer h point to the right thing without a mix of orthographies?
    • Linking to fuhivla is incorrect. If you must appear to have typed fuhivla as a link, you should do [fuhivla|fu'ivla].

It is definitely time to truncate RecentChanges again; loading is taking forever today, even over a DSL link.

I propose keeping Nov and Dec 2001 intact for a while, and moving the rest to ArchivedRecentChanges 2001-10-31 to 2001-09-01. I have prepared the way by moving the old ArchivedRecentChanges to ArchivedRecentChanges 2001-08-31 to 2001-06-01 and making ArchivedRecentChanges itself into a menu-type page.

It's December; changes made in September are certainly not "recent"!

Accidentally made a page that needs to be deleted? Name it below (make it an active like with [], please):

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