Polish text: http://piosenki.biesiadne.com/gdzie-strumyk-plynie-z-wolna/
You can listen to it here (look for the yellow bar on the top under the ad): http://romeoo.wrzuta.pl/audio/46iYfaS5dxq/stokrotka_polna_gdzie_strumyk_plynie_z_wolna
English literal translation:

Where a little stream flows slowly
and May sows herbs,
a field daisy grew
and a grove rustled above her.

"It's so bleak in this grove,
that I'm horrified,
the fledgelings are too high,
and loneliness is bad for me."

Then a scout goes slowly:
"O Daisy, hello,
your charm impresses me,
do you want to be mine or not?"

The daisy agreed
And they went into dark forest,
But the scout was such a scatterbrain,
that he got into nettles.

And she, she, she,
what has to do, poor thing?
Leaned over the scatterbrain
and laughs: "Ha ha!"

Lojban Translation by ianek (keeping rhythm, but not rhyme):

vi lo nu ge. snoflecu
gi vensa sombo ku
ctoxrula xabju ije
vruricfoi ga'u cy

lu badri vi le ricfoi
i ri selte'a mi
i lo cipni ku galdu'e
i jiksei oi li'u

lo nanla ku cu cadzu
i lu coi doi ctoxrula
do melbi u'e i xu
do prami mi li'u

cy ba'o tugni ny boi
i manku ricfoi klama
i ny tolsanji ije
ny crospa binkla vau

lo pindi co ctoxrula
ma gasnu va'o ti
i ga'u ny boi korcu
gi'e mi'afra ny

You can download a recording of young people singing it at the Science Camp Serock 2011: ctoxrula.mp3

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