Usually refers to Lojban For Beginners, by Robin Turner and Nick Nicholas.

There are fifteen lessons involved, intended to cover enough of the basics of Lojban that one can read most Lojban one is likely to encounter orally or on-line.

The lessons are basically complete, and have been reviewed extensively; things remaining to be done include:

  1. (Possibly) inserting reading material for the later lessons.
  2. Introduce IPA pronunciation guides in a note to Chapter 1, and 'major language' alternatives in the pronunciation guide proper now. Scott Weller has proposed the 6 languages of the gismu etymologies (this has already been done for the Level 0 Booklet, as requested by Olivier Nisole). Pronunciation Guides are being worked on here.

I (Nick Nicholas) intend to finalise the text of the lessons and submit it for publication by October 7 2002. Please submit any errata on this page by then (and my thanks to those who have already been doing so.)

  • changed circumstances and work on the Level 0 Booklet mean this this deadline is now postponed until, uh, sometime in November...
    • Heh. -Robin


(typos and errors in the current revision as published on Nick's website)

Could contributors please give their names here so I can include them in the acknowledgements?

  • Brion Vibber/braiyn. viber.
  • Phil Bordelon/fil. BYRdylyn.

Moved everything around. Please move completed errata to the bottom of the chapter in question. -Robin

What about xorlo?

Lessons Errata

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