'Esperanto' (unofficial)--see: http://people.fix.no/arj/lojban/unofficial-gismu.html

First proposed (with a real chance back then of it becoming official!) by John Cowan: http://balance.wiw.org/~jkominek/lojban/9012/msg00009.html , rejected at Logfest 91: http://balance.wiw.org/~jkominek/lojban/9106/msg00127.html.

According] to proposal in chapter 4.16 of The Book, fu'ivla spe'ato can be used instead. How do you like this? — kir

spe'anto is better, IMO. --jay

But The Book explicitely suggests CCVVCV for cultural fu'ivla! — kir

This being a strawpoll :-) , I'm diehard behind bangrnesperantonitcion Maybe banrsperanto? Being hardcore fundamentalist, I avoid this as not being canonical per the Book. ???!!! How is it not canonical? Fine: "not the default strategy suggested."

Spero all the way! - kreig.daniyl.

Well, I'm in favour of pacnybau. --tsali

Since I think we need to jettison all cultural gismu (except "lojbo") and replace them with stage threes, Esperanto is no exception! --xod

'All the ire aroused by this comment was moved here'

    • pe'i it is okay to keep cultural gismu and add new ones so long as the existing ones lose their rafsi (in usage or in Ideal Lojban). See Boo to cultural gismu. --And

The idea of cultural gismu is totes inconsistent, considering the nature of Lojban. However, the prefixes and suffixes are sometimes useful. - Plastic Raven

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