A sibling of Lojban, which uses Chinese-like tones to mark grammatical structure, developed by Jim Carter.
Here is various useful documentation.
The mailing list can be found here.
IRC Channel: #gua\spi at

Here is a gua\spi Video:

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Blog posts of an Lojbanist learning Gua\spi:

When Jim Carter introduced Gua\spi there was not much interest and he became too busy to keep working on it.
However there has recently (2013) been some activity to resurrect it again.

  • coi doi! mi'e bobgrif I have been trying to put together a small practical list of words and phrases based on the booklets given US soldiers in WWII. I am using the word-lists and phrase-lists from the Malay and Cantonese booklets as my source. I hope (Insha'allah) to be finished (alpha version 1.0) within the next few months (can only work on it sporadically). When I'm finished, I intend to send J Carter a copy for response/correction. If there's anyone else here who would like a preliminary copy, please email me ( mu'omi'e bobgrif
  • I got into Lojban from -gua!spi, probably the only person who ever has. --John Cowan
  • ''I can't quite claim the same, but I think I ftp-ed info on Loglan and
  • -gua!spi from Mark Shoulson's old Planned Language Server before I knew of Lojban.'' --And
  • Here is my critique of the language from a Lojban viewpoint.
  • mi krici le du'u le ti bangu cu nandu .i lonu bacru lo tonga kei pe la guaspis. nandu .i la guaspis. vasru xa tonga --Plastic Raven

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