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Nalgol is the language "to improve a minor point in Loglan" by totally redoing a mass of major design features. The original one was, I think, Jim Carter's back in the late 70s. (It was. --John Cowan) We haven't had occasion to mention this typical constructed language phenomenon in Lojban much since the base-lining (and before it was part of the process), but recently there seems to have been a spate of ever more aggressive cases which now seem to call the word back into use. Or should we shift to Nabjol? I think not; the chance to shoot at the languages of the 60s and 70s is still too good to pass by.

What were Jim Carter's original proposals?

  • Way too many to list here: a steady evolution Loglan > Nalgol > Djimbraon > -gzn !gvr > Gua\spi.
    • One that was adopted in both Lojban and Loglan is COI/DOI + selbri, which the Founders still sometimes call a "Carter vocative".

Come on, no fair tempting us like that! Give at least a representative sample of some that were rejected.

  • Okay. The elimination of the difference between gismu and rafsi (which entails the elimination of the difference between non-pe'a tanru and lujvo).
    • So far, so good. Maybe I should switch to Gua\spi.
      • Shhhhh!
      • Go ahead - Jim needs someone to talk to! (I think he's the only guaspist around)

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