The original version of Loglan, which many of us feel to be inferior to Lojban language, is still available. Go to http://www.loglan.org

The Logical Language Group claims that the word Loglan is generic, and applies to Lojban language as well. It was vindicated after a drawn-out legal process. Because the Loglan effort was coordinated by The Loglan Institute, one will also see the older variant of the language called Institute Loglan.

Is anything going on with these guys now that 2/3 of their leadership has mo'u jmive? (Webpage sez: "Last modified on June 12, 2002"...) Are there any tapes of Loglan speech so we can hear the dzebau? Yes, the TLI sells some. And, there's anexperimental TTS for Macs.

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Full backup of loglan.org web-site is in the attachment (in case of emergency).

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