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>Re: baupla fuzykamni
>(I'm using this for general BPFK discussion; feel free to do the same)
>OK, we need a pro-sumti for "here", as in "near to the speaker". Seriously.
>I'm aware it's possible to say "here", but the shortest form I'm aware of
>is "le diklo be mi". This is Zipfeanilly *ridiculous*. It's five
>syllables, FFS!
>Note that "vi mi" and "vi ku" and such tricks don't count; I need
>something to put in a sumti place (the x2 of muvdu is how this rant got
>My question is, where and how is the best place to propose such a thing?
>The Right Way, IMO, is a sumti to convert sumtcita phrases to things that
>can fill sumti places; call it xai. This gives us "xai vi ku", which is
>still too damned many syllables, but lets us stick with the three space
>descriptions we already have, without sucking three KOhA cmavo.

da pe vi

and I don't care if it is too many syllables (syllable count never was a
major design characteristic in Loglan/Lojban unless there was a Zipf issue,
which I don't think there is here)

>If it were to be a KOhA cmavo set, I don't know which KOhA group we'd put
>it in.
>Comments? Questions? Yells for me to STFU?

In the absence of pointing, "ti" is something (in this case a place)
relatively near the speaker, and that is what I would likely use.

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