baupla fuzykamni

Robin Powell scripsit:

> Re: baupla fuzykamni
> "mi .e do joi da" ==
> (mi .e do) joi da
> or
> mi .e (do joi da) ?
> I don't know the answer. John doesn't know the answer. This is scary.

CLL 14.7.6 shows that the answer is the first one; afterthought connectives
always group to the left. If you want anything else, use forethought.

John Cowan
"The exception proves the rule." Dimbulbs think: "Your counterexample proves
my theory." Latin students think "'Probat' means 'tests': the exception puts
the rule to the proof." But legal historians know it means "Evidence for an
exception is evidence of the existence of a rule in cases not excepted from."