Lojban Brochures


John Cowan has made the so-called "Level -2" package, one page
(double-sided) flyer suitable for handing out at conventions an the
like. This flyer requires nothing more than a double-sided printer.

Jay Kominek has made another one page (double-sided) flyer which
is prettier than John Cowan's but has the disadvantage of requiring

Lojban Introductory Brochure

The basic Lojban introductory brochure is available in the following languages:

Other Brochure Related Files

  • A short version of the English brochure, suitable for posting on BBSes and in Usenet
  • An shortened HTML version of the English brochure, more easily readable with a browser.

These versions are not all equally up-to-date, as we have few resources for any
language but English, but they are substantially equivalent. In case of doubt,
the English version is the most correct.

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