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Community Translations

Community Translation Output

These are automated lojban-only versions of things being worked on in
cvs. Generated about once every 2 hours.

Community Original Works

  • The web-based lojbanic interactive story, or lojbo kamjikca lisri. This is a web-based story in lojban that you can add to. At each step of the story, you make a choice. When you reach the end of what others have written, you can add your own part to the story.
  • The lojban storytelling game.
  • Five files of text and discussion thereof, extracted from 1994 Lojban List traffic, may be found in 1994m1.txt, 1994m2.txt, 1994m3.txt, 1994m4.txt, and 1994m5.txt. This was the first year when significant amounts of interactive Lojban text were posted by Lojbanists other than Nick Nicholas, Lojbab, or people taught directly by Lojbab.
  • A compendium of the results from runs of the "phone game" a chain letter of translations between Lojban and English with humorous distortions at each step.

Long Works

Short Stories


Children's books

Children's rhymes and songs



Note that some comics relax the rule on lojban ortography. Most common non standard orthograpy is for {.i} which in some comic is rendered without the initial dot and in others is replaced by a colon ':'.





Odds and ends

Various Short Translations

These are all a bit older.

Bilingual works

Some texts previously mentioned above, prepared in bilingual versions with explained vocabulary in order of appearance.
- Terry the tiger visits the big city:relbau tercidu - la teris. vitke zi'o le barda tcadu.pdf
The Scientific Ape: relbau tercidu - le saske smani.pdf
relbau tercidu - le saske smani.pdf
relbau tercidu - le saske smani.pdf
relbau tercidu - le saske smani.pdf

Texts Archives

This is Lojbab's full text and text discussion archive (which is actually only complete up until around 1993).

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