Old Tiki Feature Testing


Summary "Test"!
gives Summa ??
Summary "Test"
gives the same ??

Normally the " should be considered only if followin directly = or =>

Hallo, Bertrand!
Mein Text
misses totally the title !!! as
Hallo, Bertrand!
Mein Text

but the color is ok

so, not even sure this solution is quite correct .... I would regexp

Hallo, Bertrand!
Mein Text
is right but
Hallo, Bertrand!
Mein Text
as expected cuts to Hallo

Hallo Bertrand!
Mein Text
is right
Hallo Bertrand!
Mein Text

{BOX(title=>Summary "Test"!)} gives Summa ??{BOX} {BOX(title=>Summary "Test")} gives the same ??{BOX} Normally the " should be considered only if followin directly = or => {BOX(title="Hallo, Bertrand!")}Mein Text{BOX} misses totally the title !!! as {BOX(title=>"Hallo, Bertrand!", bg=>red, width=>50% )}Mein Text{BOX} but the color is ok so, not even sure this solution is quite correct .... I would regexp personnaly. {BOX(title=>"Hallo, Bertrand!")}Mein Text{BOX} is right but {BOX(title=>Hallo, Bertrand!)}Mein Text{BOX} as expected cuts to Hallo {BOX(title=>Hallo Bertrand!)}Mein Text{BOX} is right {BOX(title=Hallo Bertrand!)}Mein Text{BOX} also

Test du'e.


Publishing Test

No such attachment on this page
The new colossal caves text, with new rafsi and errors corrected
CC Text
No such attachment on this page


''No such attachment on this page''
The new colossal caves text, with new rafsi and errors corrected
CC Text
''No such attachment on this page''




Different testing entirely:

 Plugin disabled
Plugin snarf cannot be executed.
End of SNARF

The above created with:

{SNARF(url=>http://www.livejournal.com/users/rlpowell/2418.html,regex=>/.*<!-- Content -->.*?<td>(.*?)<\/td>.*?<\/div>(.*?)<hr.*?<!-- \/Content -->.*/s,regexres=><p>$1</p>$2)}[http://www.livejournal.com/users/rlpowell/2418.html]{SNARF}End of SNARF

Still other testing:

Release 1.9

Codename Sirius

The 1.9 version is the one after 1.8. As we begin to separate stable from devel versions, that 1.9 is intended to become a development branch.
Here is a tarball with latest CVS code updated every 6 hours: http://tikiwiki.org/tikiball.tar.bz2


CVS branching has occured here. Note the new cvs checkout requirements!

export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:sfname@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki
cvs -z5 co -d tiki19 -r BRANCH-1-9 tikiwiki

If you commit on your current checkout you will commit to Tiki 1.10!

Update through cvs with
cvs -z5 up -dP -r BRANCH-1-9


  • Documentation of linked pages : RestoreHelp project
  • Translation of tikiwiki and of documentation
    • new multilingual feature is what we need !
      tw.o is upgraded, now we can translate some important pages in different languages, and the ,naming cnvention is to use a ,xx suffix where xx is the lang code. For exampl Home is linked to Home,fr
  • Setup of new bug trackers to handle support -visit http://dev.tikiwiki.org )
  • Page History randomly looses all stored versions.
  • Edit page warning sometimes stays active even when you cancel.

Release 1.9 rc3

Must-fix bugs

  • Resolve licensing issues: LibLicense
    • Wikigraph plugin should be moved to mods
    • need rewriting : lib/pear/Date.php
    • need replacement : lib/pear/NNTP.php
    • lib/pear/Net/Socket.php
    • TikiSheet licence cleaning (lib/sheet/ole*)
    • lib/webmail/mimeDecode.php is replaced by lib/mail/mimelib.php
    • lib/webmail/htmlMimeMail.php has to be rewritten
  • Built it TPL editor removed Javascript from the Templates
  • Undefined variables notices when saving an edited forum (can't reproduce - Terence)
  • Reply to a reply in the forum, makes the post your replying to seem like a top level topic post
  • When replying to a forum post, form is no longer pre-filled (feature? annoyance? make optional?)
  • ticketlib confirmation screens are messed up: the table doesn't take up 100% of the page width

half way fixed:

Bugs Fixed

  • Wiki page edit warning is not reset after user saves page (terence)
  • Cancel edit no longer functioned (terence)
  • score_event caused error when anonymous viewed scored features Damian
  • Live Support
    • Fixed live support JS file Damian
    • Fixed live support chat request window Damian
    • Fixed bugs in LS transcripts Damian
    • Fixed bugs in transcript display Damian
  • categories : fixed display bug in tree on admin page mose
  • who_is_there module no longer showed idle time and was not xhtml compliant (terence)
  • bug #986208: the wiki undo function was broken (terence)
  • All newer modules/ code now has path disclosure protection Damian
  • tiki tabs - now IE friendly Damian
  • calendar/jscalendar - sits better in middle column Damian
  • maps upload dir navigation fixed mose
  • maps display fixed mose
  • CODE plugin no longer spews errors when no caption is defined (terence)
  • Kill the CookieMonster ! about the problem of cookie management and navigation memory (lphuberdeau, sylvie)
  • Forums have avatar, userlevel, posting, online and email details back
  • tiki-admin_categories.php's category browser is fixed for adding many levels of subcategories
  • access to image in gallery only if permission to its gallery is available, too ohertel
  • fixed postgresql install and probably other platforms install by enhancing the convertscript mose and UserPagesylvie
  • RSSModules
    • bug #993129: Forums RSS provides access to "restricted" forums - ohertel
    • display of rss 1.0, 2.0 and atom 0.3 working now (ohertel)
    • most rss feeds should work now (ohertel)
    • 983908: Single-blog RSS feed broken 1.9rc2+ (ohertel)
    • objects remained categorized even if all parent categories were removed (terence)
  • Multi-tiki install fixed in case of upgrade of existing multitiki mose
  • Killed the HashBug (replaced by hashes) mose
  • use of / in agentinfo damian
  • themes fixes in geo, tiki and trollparty styles mose

New Features

  • changes in score and friendship new feature, please remind batawata to list them
  • new wikiplugin Versions mandatory for building up the doc mose
  • no new features in this RC please. Add them to HEAD TikiWiki 1.10


  • Code Wiki Plugin : added caption param mose
  • Calendar last modif events modules ModuleLastModifEvents Damian
  • no new enhancements in this RC please. Add them to HEAD TikiWiki 1.10
  • RSSModules
    • tiki-admin_rssmodules.php: displays size of cached rss data (ohertel)
    • tiki-admin_rssmodules.php: "display feed title" is complete and working now (ohertel)
    • publish date is shown in preview, too (ohertel)
  • Redesign of the forum styles 'threaded', 'plain' and 'headers only' (ohertel)
  • New usermap feature to add users on tikimap (franck)
  • tiki-install can be deactivated automatically by adding location and die; Damian
  • Multiple users can be removed at the same time (terence)
  • Multiple users can be assigned to and removed from multiple groups at the same time (terence)
  • Default group of multiple users can be set at the same time (terence)


released on monday 28th june


released on monday 21st june

Known Issues

  • tiki-install.php spits out many "variable undefined" errors (they are not critical; Tiki will install and work fine).
  • tiki-admin_categories.php's category browser is bugged when adding many levels of subcategories.
  • Tiki's search engine does not respect permissions.
  • Tiki uses too many cookies; problems arise when one exceeds the browser's limit on number of cookies per domain.
  • The lib/webmail/pop3.php library is GPL'ed. Should replace with an LGPL library like Net_POP3 or Net_IMAP.
  • Replies to replies to forum topics are hidden when viewing forum topics (avoid using the forum).

Under Development in CVS now.

please contact these people before a RC is made so they can commit any last minute modifications/updates

Different testing:

Code Wiki Plugin

Code can be used to display lines of preformatted code in wiki pages.

Using CODE tag

Wthout parameters

{CODE()} <?php function foo($foo) { print($foo); }?> {CODE}
<?php function foo($foo) { print($foo); }?>

Line numbering : ln

{CODE(ln=>1)}some code line numbered {CODE}
some code
line numbered

(1.8) Syntax coloring : colors

Only php color is available for now. more are expected.

{CODE(colors=>php)}<?php function foo($foo) { print($foo); }?>{CODE}
<?php function foo($foo) { print($foo); }?>

(1.9) caption insert : caption

{CODE(caption=>Caption)}some text{CODE}
some text

( If you see confusing output like "&amp;quot;" or so (actually double-processed html special characters), try to check "Allow HTML" option.


You can edit the plugin if you need to change the look and feel of the output. There is only one file to deal with.

- - - Done with different testing.

More testing.




{CODE()}moo~/np{CODE} ~np~{CODE()}help{CODE}


~ np~foo


- - - Done with wierd testing.

mi ji'a cipra

Silly reasons to learn Lojban

CAD software history just went online and welcomes any corrections and additions.

Maybe a Wiki will help offset the workload of correcting/extending the history.

Wow! This is incredible and I love this interface. I am going to get my hands on a copy of Tiki and give it a spin!

All my computer environment speaks UTF-8, except my terminal, but including my web browser and its form editor.

This should render properly if UTF-8 support in Tiki works OK :

« (<<) » (>>) œ (oelig) ß (beta) æ (aelig) — (ndash) ≈ (about equal) … (three dots)

- Preview OK

Some words in Cyrillic: Шла Маша по шоссе и сосала сушку

Some lines in Hebrew (pointed!)
שִׁמְרוּ שַׁבּתוֹתַי לְמַעַן תִּינְקוּ וּשְׂבַעְתֶם
מִזִּיו בִּרְכוֹתַי אֶל־הַמְּנוּחַָה כִּי בָאתֶם
וּלְווּ עָלַי בָּנַי וְעִדְנוּ מַעֲדָנַי שַׁבָּת הַיּוֹם לַה׳

Points don't look right, but I think it's a font thing. Looked okay in editing anonymously, but not when logged in.


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